The best bike rental in darjeeling is a must adventure in the Queen of Hills :-

Bike rental in Darjeeling is a booming and regular service provider for motorcycle enthusiasts and travel junkies. A quaint town nestled in the laps of the Kanchenjunga is one of the most amazing paradises on earth. World renowned for its tourism, tea and toy train, Darjeeling holds an ultimate biodiversity and culture perfect for tourism. The hilly roads, terrains and hairpins offer real adventure for motorcycle lovers. With bike rental in Darjeeling you can have the most pre-eminent and panoramic views of the Queen of Hills.

The Hill Rider, a leading and trusted bike rental company in Darjeeling provides tours and high end well maintained motorcycles and efficient scooty rent in darjeeling for a rejuvenating trip around the hills.With stellar reputation as one of the best bike rental service provider in the North East, Hill Rider aims to provide a convenient and smooth trip around Darjeeling. In this blog we will discuss the different varieties of tour service you can acquire while your bike tour to Darjeeling with Hill Rider.

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Why do everyone consider Hill Rider bike Hire in Darjeeling as a great option ?

If you ask travel experts and tour professionals in Siliguri for bike hire in Darjeeling for tour purposes then they will surely recommend you to Hill Rider. Our expertise in organizing a bike tour has resulted in excellent customer satisfaction. Our well maintained fleet of bikes offer diverse options. We understand that different people have different preferences regarding motorcycles. Some prefer cruising and search for cruiser bikes but mostly go for the street bikes as it give no problems while riding offroads also.We also provide touring bikes and adventure motorcycles for long journeys. Not only for Darjeeling we offer various motorcycle services for various destinations like Bike rental in Sikkim and Bhutan.

There are so many factors and benefits regarding choosing the best bike hire in Darjeeling The Hill Rider some of them are mentioned below accordingly.

Benefits of Bike Hire in Darjeeling with The Hill Rider :-

  • Freedom to explore :- With our bike hire in Darjeeling you can have the absolute freedom to explore different destinations at your own pace and time.

  • Scenic Rides and Cruise along the mountains :- The hills of darjeeling offers fascinating adventures while your road trip with bike hire in Darjeeling you can have the 360 panoramic views of every destination.

  • Affordable and cost effective :- It is very much cost effective and affordable to choose bike hire in Darjeeling compared to other agencies operating in the area. With bike rental you don't have to pay for fares to reach destination.

  • Convenience travel with flexibility :- : Bike hire with us offers great flexibility in terms of destination and itinerary. Visit popular attractions, offbeat locations, and hidden gems without any restrictions. The Hill Rider provides hassle-free pick-up and drop-off services for your convenience.

  • Easy maneuverability :- Bikes offer better maneuverability, allowing you to navigate through narrow streets and congested areas, especially in the bustling town of Darjeeling.

  • Authentic Local lifestyle experience :- With our bike hire in darjeeling you can visit and explore the local villages according to your destination.

  • Time saving and efficient travel :- With Bike hire in Darjeeling you can save a lot of time traveling and cover almost everything on your pace and time. It is very efficient also as it has no hassle for waiting for a cab or taxi to pick up or drop making it very relevant.

  • Local interactions :- As you ride through the town and nearby villages, you have the opportunity to interact with locals, learn about their culture, and discover hidden gems.

Bike hire in Darjeeling with the Hill Rider offers a stack of facilities and benefits that enhances your tour experience. From convenience to flexibility everything is catered to full give you the beautiful experience of the Queen of Hills. There are other factors also regarding the benefit of Bike hire darjeeling with The Hill Rider.

Darjeeling Bike rental prices are a concern for travelers as you get varieties of bike for different conditions. We have multiple bikes for off road purposes like Royal Enfield Himalayans and Hero X pulse and for cruising purpose we have bikes like Royal Enfield Bullet and classics. Our scooty rent in Darjeeling is also very popular among the travelers. Ranging from very affordable to premium high end bikes you can hire anything with us. Have a time saving and efficient tour experience with our bikes.Darjeeling Bike rental prices of The Hill Riders are truly affordable and match all your requirements.

Best places of the queen of hills to visit with Bike rental in Darjeeling :-

Darjeeling is a hub for tourism. Every year each season about 45000 tourists visit Darjeeling depending on the season. As it is a tourism heaven for travelers, nature lovers, roadtrip enthusiasts etc . Here are some of the places your can visit with our bike rental in darjeeling.

  • Tiger Hill :- The best known for the sunrise over the Himalayas and mainly Mt kanchenjunga Tiger Hill is undoubtedly the best tourism spot in Darjeeling. A quaint ride from Jorebunglow. You can also witness the 2 of the largest freshwater reservoirs of Darjeeling at Sinchel Lake.
    Distance : Around 21 kms.
    Duration : 1 hour 30 mins from the main town (You can encounter traffic on the route).

  • Happy Valley Tea Garden :- This is the second oldest tea garden in Darjeeling. Situated right below the main town it is an absolute perfect destination to experience beautiful views of Darjeeling and other neighboring villages.
    Distance :Around 3 kms aways from the main town.
    Duration :10 mins from the main town.

  • Batasia Loop :- This is an iconic train loop in Darjeeling. This is one of the most visited tourist spots also. Offering mesmerizing views of the town on the mountains , Batasia Loop is the best place to sport another iconic UNESCO world heritage DHR (Darjeeling Himalayan Railway).
    Distance : 4 kms away from the main town.
    Duration : Around 30 mins with traffic.

  • Ganga Maya Park and Chunnu falls :- This is a tourist destination in Darjeeling which encapsulates wonderful scenic nature from route to the main destination. The park is nestled on the lap of Chunnu falls.
    Distance : Around 8 kms from the main town.
    Duration : 30 to 40 mins.

  • Chatakpur and Bagora :- This is an offbeat destination of Darjeeling specially for the hardcore adventure lovers. With terrains and off road routes this is and absolute heaven on earth destination as it offers the mesmerizing views of the hills.
    Distance : 20 kms.
    Duration : Might take around 2 hours to reach.

  • Lamahatta :- This is also an offbeat destination currently gaining popularity. This is the best place to experience to enjoy the pine woods and fresh nature. You can also try the best local delicacies in the region.
    Distance : 20.5 kms.
    Duration : About an hour.

Following are the some of the nearby destination in Darjeeling that offers pristine views, nature and culture to make your bike trip to Darjeeling a memorable one

Bike rental in Darjeeling with The Hill Rider is the ideal choice for motorcycle enthusiasts and travel junkies seeking to explore the captivating beauty of the Queen of Hills. The Hill Rider offers a range of options to suit different preferences and purposes. From scenic rides and cruising along the mountains to affordability, convenience, and time-saving travel, bike hire in Darjeeling provides the ultimate freedom and flexibility to explore at your own pace. The Hill Rider ensures a hassle-free and memorable experience. So, hop on a bike and embark on a thrilling journey to discover the stunning landscapes and hidden gems of Darjeeling with Bike rental in darjeeling.


Ans :- It depends on the segment of motorcycle you are hiring. Different bikes have different purposes and prices.

Ans :- Yes you can hire a scooty in Darjeeling for traveling.

Ans :- Yes you can surely rent a Royal Enfield bike for Darjeeling Trip.

Ans :- Yes you have to provide documents to hire a bike on rent.

Ans :- Yes driving license is one of the mandatory document you need for two wheeler rent in Darjeeling

Ans :- Yes, NJP to Darjeeling bike rental services are provided by The Hill Rider.

Ans :- The minimum bike rent price may vary up to 1000 INR with Bike rental in Darjeeling.

Ans :- The minimum scooty rental price may be up to 800 INR.