Top 5 Scenic Bike Routes to Explore Around Siliguri

Siliguri is the ultimate getaway for some of the best hill stations. From Darjeeling to Sikkim and even the Region of North East. Visitors and enthusiasts have been driven to conquer the mountain passes of these iconic places. Bike rental in Siliguri has been a very easy accessible transport facility for these adventure seekers and motorcycle enthusiasts. 

The Hill Rider, is your budget-friendly Bike rental agency based in Siliguri providing the most  reliable bikes for tours around the beautiful hill stations and steep valleys of Darjeeling, Sikkim and North East.

In this blog we will talk about the 5 most scenic routes around Siliguri to cruise alone with The Hill Rider’s bike rental services.

Best 5 routes around Siliguri for cruising on a two wheeler

Siliguri has become the hub for Bikers and road trip lovers. The beautiful hairpins around the hills of Darjeeling and Sikkim create a unique experience of thrill for bikers.

The best 5 Routes from Siliguri are as follows : –

  1. Rongtong Route:- Rongtong is a small village around 16 kms away from the main town of Siliguri. A beautiful route with lush greenery surroundings. This route  is famous among youth enthusiasts due to its amazing hairpins and smooth road. The Route is quite busy on weekends as the lowlanders visit the route for an amazing riding experience.
  • Best places to visit in this route :- Tindharia Railway Station, Giddhe Pahar, Mahanadi Bazar, Kurseong Town.
  • Duration to Reach from Siliguri :- 17 Kms / 30 Mins approx.

2. Rohini Route :- This is the busiest route to travel as it is one of the main routes as it connects Darjeeling , Sonada, Kurseong to Siliguri. This route also included amazing hairpins and amazing views of the plains of SIliguri. Being a busy route you might find some traffic along the way.

  • Best Places to Visit in this Route:- Kurseong View Point , Kurseong Town, Sukna, Rohini Village, Rohini Park, Rohini Tea Garden
  • Duration to Reach from Siliguri :- 21 Kms / 40 Mins approx

3. Pankhabari route :-  The Pankhabari Route is another route that connects Kurseong Town with Siliguri. It is a serene route with a tea garden on both sides. The Route is mostly free of traffic so it is also the best preferable route for bike rides. Travelers seeking to visit Mirik also prefer this route the most as it is easy and fast.

  • Best places to visit in this route :- Garidhura Bazar, Long View Tea Garden, Dhudia, Makaibari Tea Estate, Monteviot Tea Estate.
  • Duration to Reach from Siliguri :- 22 kms/ 35 mins Approx

4. Sevoke Route :- This route is also another busy route as it connects Kalimpong and Sikkim with Siliguri. The riverside road of Teesta makes it an adventurous route for travelers visiting Sikkim. This is the most preferred route by travelers going for a tour around the beautiful state of Sikkim.

  • Best places to visit in this route :- The Kali Temple of Sevoke, Coronation Bridge, Salugara Monastery, Sevoke Forest, Malbazar, Nagrakata, Chalsa.
  • Duration to Reach from Siliguri :- 22 Kms / 55 mins approx

5. Chilapata Route :-  This route is specially for wildlife enthusiasts as the route connects Chilapata forest with Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary. The pleasant calm road and the surrounding nature makes it one of the most underrated but beautiful routes in the whole of North Bengal.

  • Best places to visit in this route :- Jaldapara,Totopara, Hasimara, Chilapata ForestBuxa Tiger Reserve. Coochbehar.
  • Duration to reach from Siliguri :- 148 Kms / 3-4 Hours approx.

These are the 5 best routes to travel with Bike rental services in Siliguri. As each route connects with amazing landscapes, towns and forest, which makes it an adventurous route perfect for bike riding.

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