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Kurseong Trip with Bike Rental: Homestay, Places to visit all you need to know!

The hills of Darjeeling is a fascinating destination for every explorer and motorcycle enthusiast. Thousands of tourists choose bike rental in Kurseong every year to explore the Hills of Darjeeling. Kurseong is a quaint destination originally known as Kharsang meaning ‘Land of white orchids’ in Lepcha Language (a native tribal language in the Himalayas). The route of Kurseong following other places of the Darjeeling hills encapsulates the perfect experience of the Himalayan beauty and culture.

The hidden charming locations and tea industry around Kurseong is one of the most important factors of great tourism in Darjeeling Hills. A journey to the hills on two wheels is a fascinating and adventurous experience for each Biker. From narrow roads, hairpins to tea gardens and pine forest around Kurseong is a hub for Bikers and tour lovers. With the authenticity of the himalayan environment The Hill Rider, bike rental service provider in Siliguri offers bike rental in Kurseong to make your Himalayan tour a memorable one. Motorcycle tours have been an emerging hobby among youths of today. So if you are looking for a reliable and convenient bike rental service then we have got you covered. In this blog we will discuss the fascinating tour of the “Land of white orchids” Kurseong on two wheels with The Hill Rider.

The Weather Updates and best time to have a Bike Tour in Kurseong:-  

Kurseong is a part of hill station so traveling here means you can experience certain changes in weather and temperature. So becoming alert before traveling is very important as certain weather conditions could possibly bring out hassle and difficulties. Traveling to Kurseong around the monsoon season is not very appropriate as you can witness continuous amounts of heavy rainfall. The monsoon season starts from June and can last up to mid September.

The best time to experience the unseen of Kurseong on a two wheeler is from March to May as it is the peak summer season in the hills. You can have clear skies, experience sunny weather and enjoy the mesmerizing views of the hills. The temperature also plays an important role , Kurseong experiences chilly temperature in the morning and night so carrying a warm pair of clothes is recommended.

The winter gradually makes it very hard to ride around Kurseong.The cold weather results to extreme weather while riding. You can feel the freezing of hands and legs without proper warm gears.

As of now you may have the overall idea of when to travel and have an enjoyable road trip to Kurseong. So now let’s move on to another important topic that is  why you should choose us for bike rental in Kurseong

Why should you choose Hill Rider Bike rental services?

 The Hill Rider comprehensive bike rental services are truly unmatched. Our bike rental services have provided travelers with complete satisfaction and incredible tours. There are many factors that have made us the pinnacle of bike rental service providers in the foothills region of Himalayas. These factors markup to providing  incredible experience along the terrains, trails, hairpins and any kind of road. 

Here are some of the important factors why you should choose The Hill Rider bike rental services. 

  1. Ambootia Tea Estate:-This is a famous tea estate of Kurseong and is regarded as an offbeat destination as tourists have been recently able to explore this hidden gem. With natural streams, authentic local nepali lifestyle and ecstatic views of a beautiful tea garden, this place  is a must visit location in Kurseong.

Duration:– 20 mins ride from the main town .

Nearby Attraction:– Bunkulung, Gammon Bridge, Dudhia Khola. 

2. Dowhill and Bagora:- Dowhill is one of the most known and popular tourist escapes of Kurseong. With an ecstatic top view of the hills and plains of Darjeeling, Siliguri. This is one of the most amazing destinations around all of Darjeeling hills. As you can tackle sharp turns and smooth roads through these regions it is a riding route for bikers.

Duration:- 30 to 40 mins of ride 

Nearby attractions:– Sittong, Salamander Lake , Deorali, Chimney Village, Mamring,Turuk , Jogi Ghat Bridge and Mungpoo.

3. Maharani Tung and Beltar:- This is another destination that is getting popular among the recent travelers. It is located in the Maharani Hills near Kurseong which offer an ecstatic lifestyle in tea estates. Due to the recent establishment of resort this area has become a tourist hotspot for enjoying mesmerizing views of Kurseong itself.

Duration:- 40 mins to 50 mins of ride.

Nearby attractions:- Maharani Village, Margets Deck, Tung Railway station. 

4. Rongtong and Mahanadi :  This place is a major hub for motorcycle enthusiasts due to its amazing route. Many tourists and locals visit on weekends to enjoy the ride along this route. The curves, smooth road make it more appealing for motorcycle riders.

Duration:- 40 mins of ride.

Nearby Attractions:- Mahanadi, Ghayabari, Tindharia, Rongtong railway station.

Apart from these locations Kurseong town itself offers mesmerizing experiences, you can visit the iconic Makaibari Tea Estate and Factory or go for a rejuvenating experience over the Giddhe Pahar.

How to book for Bike rental in Kurseong Service from The Hill Rider?

If you are planning to rent a motorcycle from an agency or an operator it is very important to understand the pricing and compare it  with other operators and agencies as you may have the possibility of getting scammed or they can charge you an inappropriate amount. For that hassle The Hill Rider has designed the most incredible and affordable bike rental service in Kurseong. 

If you want to book our bike rental service you can visit our office or book it from our website Choose the type of motorcycle  and power segment you want to take for your journey and then provide the required documentation (Adhaar Card or Any Identity, Driving license and other document) and simply pay for the most value for money price on each motorcycle. With Bike rental in Kurseong you can enjoy the freedom of exploring with adventure and fun.

Best hotels and homestays in Kurseong where you can have the perfect accommodation:-

There are many hotels and numerous homestays located in different parts of Kurseong. You can have the most amazing time and hospitality in these  amazing hotels in Kurseong . And if you want to take the authentic experience of lifestyle and culture then accommodating with popular homestays in Kurseong is the perfect opportunitySome of the convenient one that you can reach easily from town are 

  1. Sunny Side Eco Homestay
  2. Nirvana Retreat 
  3. The Riverview Homestay
  4. Cochrane Palace
  5. Taj Chia Kutir Resort 
  6. Ecopulse

These are some of the best places for perfect accommodation while your bike trip around the hills of Kurseong. 

Kurseong is a mystical land blessed by the glance of beauty of Darjeeling the sleeping hills, lush tea garden, ecstatic views and heritage makes it an intriguing destination for the youth and motorcycle enthusiast for Bike riding. With The Hill Rider bike rental in Kurseong you get assured services and well maintained bikes that can run smoothly throughout the journey without causing any hassle. So if you are also looking to plan a motorcycle tour around Kurseong and Darjeeling hills then choosing our bike rental in Kurseong is the perfect choice for you.


1. Which is more beautiful, Kalimpong or Kurseong?

ANS:- Both places are similar as of the culture and habitat. Both are also part of Darjeeling hills . In some factors you may find Kurseong beautiful and in some factors you may find Kalimpong beautiful.

2. Why is Kurseong famous?

ANS:- Kurseong is famous for numerous things but the main reason is because of its white orchid. The name Kurseong is also defined as the land of white orchids. 

3. Which is the best time to visit Kurseong?

ANS:- The best time to visit Kurseong is from March to May as the weather is very pleasant.

4. Is Kurseong worth visiting?

ANS:- Yes, Kurseong is definitely worth visiting if you love hill stations , tea gardens, landscapes and the rich biodiversity of nature. 

5. How far is Kurseong from Darjeeling?

ANS:- The average distance from Kurseong to Darjeeling is 36 kms.